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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Pain

They say every problem comes with a solution and the vision behind Immuny5 is to serve as a solution to those suffering from the perplexing problem of Autoimmune. The Founders of Immuny5 are a brother, who has lived with a serious case of autoimmune for the past 17 years and, a sister, who is a dental surgeon practicing clinical studies and has witnessed the taxing nature of autoimmune that affected every aspect of her brother's life. 

A disease with no cure or a clear treatment and its intensity only increasing with the march of time, autoimmune has attacked his skin, gut system, brain health, lungs and liver. Living with multiple autoimmune disorders, with a new diagnosis every year required the acceptance of a lifetime on multiple drugs, their side effects and pain management. This journey was made easier with the help and support of wonderful doctors, an ever-caring family and a deeper understanding of the human anatomy and healthcare management with the help of various educational courses.

Realizing how knowledge gave an increased  sense of control, mental strength and the willpower needed to battle autoimmune everyday, the brother-sister duo decided to embark on a mission to create a knowledge-based platform for those suffering with autoimmune. Born from this passion, Immuny5 strives to be the support system to those suffering from autoimmune conditions and make accessible to them a community of doctors and coaches who rely on a scientific and personalized approach to healthcare.        


Our Team

Clinical Study Experts

Alternative & Integrative Therapists

Functional Medicine Coaches


Lifestyle Coaches

Ayurveda Consultants

Autoimmune Coaches

Nutrigenomics Experts


General Physicians

Clinical Nutritionists

Exercise & Fitness Experts

Yoga & Meditation Coaches


DNA Analysts



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